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Automobile Accidents

In order to recover damages/money for injuries sustained in a car accident it is necessary for the plaintiff to prove, that is, demonstrate that the defendant/wrong-doer was at least 50% responsible for the collision/crash. This is done by a proper investigation of the accident as soon as possible after the crash has occurred through testimony of the parties, statements of witnesses, examination of the accident site and other factors. Whether the accident was a simple rear-end accident, or one that came about due to a drunk/intoxicated driver, or one that happened because someone went through a red traffic light or a stop sign, we do not depend solely on a police investigation, as it may not be accurate. The monetary/money value of the injury is dependant upon, in part, the degree of responsibility of the parties to the accident, the injury and the affect of the injury to the individual. This may vary dramatically between individuals. It is seldom possible to compare settlement amounts with others who may have similar appearing injury due to variables noted above. A creative and experienced attorney will help to focus the argument to his client’s advantage. At McCarthy, Coombes & Costello LLP we take pride in offering our clients experienced attorneys who are committed to offering our clients sound practical advise while at the same time pursuing our clients rights with due diligence and aggressiveness allowed within the law.